Using up kumquats

Kumquat fruit

Let’s take a break from the thrifting blogs this week. Today, I want to talk about my dad’s kumquat tree, and how I’ve been trying to use up our surplus of kumquat fruits this winter. While this post won’t be about secondhand shopping, I feel like some intersection exists between thrifters and people who want … Read more

Impulsively buying a strawberry plant in a hanging basket

One red ripe strawberry in gray hanging planter. Two white strawberry fruit to the left of it.

On slow workday afternoons when I crave some semblance of human interaction, I wander around The Home Depot. A few years ago, you’d probably find me sauntering about in the indoor plant section, but my interest in houseplants has dramatically waned, as I’ve collected (and utterly destroyed) every big-box indoor plant I possibly could over … Read more

Baking a cherry galette! 

Cherry galette

Living in the Valley for five years has deepened my appreciation for seasonal produce, whether it’s bought from a local farm stand ten minutes away from my house or plucked from my dad’s organic garden. Over the past year, I’ve followed an unofficial tradition of baking a galette with the season’s latest fruit harvests. I … Read more