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April 16, 2024 by Stacey Nguyen

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Give your wardrobe a breath of fresh air with this spring style edit full of thrifted treasures.

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Feb. 28, 2024 by Stacey Nguyen

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Love shopping for books? Be sure to check out your library's used book sales for affordable deals.

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Mar. 3, 2024 by Stacey Nguyen

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If you're looking to incorporate wicker styles into your home, be sure to check out your local thrift stores for the best deals.

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Feb. 26, 2024 by Stacey Nguyen

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Here are the best places to look for affordable planters.

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Feb. 24, 2024 by Stacey Nguyen

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Tips and tricks for buying CDs, DVDs, and cassette tapes secondhand.

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Feb. 20, 2024 by Stacey Nguyen

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Love to thrift for clothes, movies, books, and music? Check out Mad Monk Vintage the next time you're in Modesto.

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Where can you buy affordable plants? Here are the 7 best places to look for cheap plants

My love for plants hasn’t waned over the years, but I have become more mindful of what I bring into my home these days. To put it plainly, I don’t want to overspend on things that could, you know, wither away with enough neglect. Unfortunately, novice plant enthusiasts can unwittingly drop a lot of money ... Read more

Dog plate

Buying plate hanging and framing tools from JoAnn Fabrics for thrifted finds

Every so often, my thrifted finds need something extra to be displayed properly. Specifically, I’ve been in need of plate hangers and a frame for a while. But my workload has been ramping up this month, so I haven’t felt motivated enough to dig through thrift store craft bins for these very particular supplies, despite ... Read more

Foliage speckled maxi dress

Decluttering a (mostly) thrifted wardrobe

It’s that time of year again, when I experience cabin fever from endless rainy days spent inside and begin decluttering with reckless abandon. I’m too attached to my trinkets and tchotchkes to part ways with them right now, but my clothes have been fair game for purging these past few weeks.  Lately, I’ve become fond ... Read more


Thrifting for planters, pots, and other gardening accessories

With the bitter chill in the air and the steady downpour of rain, it certainly doesn’t feel like spring is coming anytime soon to my nook of the Central Valley. But every now and then, I get a glimpse of sunshine that reminds me that the subtle warmth of early spring isn’t too far away. ... Read more

Bowl with yellow dragon motif

Thrifting for a festive Lunar New Year celebration

Since moving to the Central Valley, I haven’t observed Tet or Lunar New Year with vibrant community celebrations. Growing up with a huge extended Vietnamese family, I have to admit that I miss the New Year brouhaha — the sound of older relatives cackling as they gamble, the feel of thick red envelopes padded with ... Read more

Heart pendant necklace in a vintage tray

Treasuring hand-me-downs and re-gifted pieces

I’ve been in a real John Prine phase lately, and one of my favorite discoveries is “Souvenirs.” One reason why I love the thrift store is because I am constantly fascinated by the history of the objects that end up there.  Objects can never be experiences, of course, but it stirs something in me to ... Read more

Rilakumma planner

Thrifting for stationery

Flashback to what seems like an entire lifetime ago, I worked as a junior marketer at a stationery e-commerce in my early 20s. While I eventually left that post after a year, it was there where I developed a lifelong appreciation for stationery, especially fancy luxury stationery. There is, admittedly, a lot of frivolity and ... Read more

Kumquat fruit

Using up kumquats

Let’s take a break from the thrifting blogs this week. Today, I want to talk about my dad’s kumquat tree, and how I’ve been trying to use up our surplus of kumquat fruits this winter. While this post won’t be about secondhand shopping, I feel like some intersection exists between thrifters and people who want ... Read more


Thrifting kitchenware, tableware, and glassware

I’m in a season of my life where I take immense pleasure in — perhaps even love — cooking. Just last week, I scoured my local Indian supermarkets for spices and whipped together a hearty potato chickpea spinach curry and chicken tikka masala. (Thank you, Food with Chetna!) Similar to gardening, preparing ingredients helps me ... Read more

Duck trinket

Thrifting by theme: How to thrift for the perfect pieces

I approach thrifting like a treasure hunt, staying open to all of the wondrous possibilities that the thrift store holds. That said, I do find it useful to go into the store with some kind of mental framework for picking out pieces. It helps me avoid the all-too-common pitfall of hoarding stuff just because it’s ... Read more

Humpty Dumpty on a shelf

Discovering another Central Valley thrift store: Cinderella Goes Thrifting

At the end of South and West, Joan Didion writes, “The particular flat expanse of the Central Valley comforts my eye…I am easy here in a way that I am not easy in other places.”  The Central Valley is known for being somewhat flat and beige — some might even say dull and bland. But ... Read more

Cognac and red purse

Cleaning and conditioning thrifted leather handbags

In the early days of the pandemic, I found a knockoff Prada(?) faux leather bag at Goodwill for $4. After a few solid years of use (and many compliments, I might add), a handle ripped off, and I was forced to search for a new neutral-colored leather bag. Cute as it may be, my giant ... Read more