The ultimate guide to buying used CDs, DVDs, and cassette tapes at the thrift store

Joni Mitchell blue on denim jacket

One of my biggest barriers to ever becoming a true minimalist is my love for hoarding physical media. I’m incurably obsessed with secondhand shopping for CDs and DVDs. Holding a tangible CD or DVD case in my hands makes me feel like an archivist of a waning culture. (And when I’m collecting cassette tapes, a … Read more

Where can you buy affordable plants? Here are the 7 best places to look for cheap plants


My love for plants hasn’t waned over the years, but I have become more mindful of what I bring into my home these days. To put it plainly, I don’t want to overspend on things that could, you know, wither away with enough neglect. Unfortunately, novice plant enthusiasts can unwittingly drop a lot of money … Read more

Decluttering a plant collection is tough but totally possible — here’s how to do it


The Central Valley is so spellbinding this time of year. Just outside my window, pinkish white flowers envelope treetops and lightly carpet the concrete roads like tufts of snow. Actually, I recently learned that people in my area refer to the almond blossoms as the Valley’s snow. Isn’t that so beautiful to think about?  To … Read more

Why you should always check out your local Friends of the Library book sale

Library card on books

I simply adore libraries. They’re such wonderful third spaces for free community events, workshops, and resources. And of course, there are the books. Whether you’re partial to obscure antiquarian reads or the latest BookTok titles, you can enjoy everything for free. As a thrifty bookworm, I also love checking out library book sales, which are usually … Read more

7 best places to buy beautiful & budget-friendly pots for your plants

Turtle planter

I remember the good old days when I’d buy a plant and just let it sit in its garish, shiny plastic nursery pot on a cheap plastic saucer. After collecting plants for 5 years, I’ve been more keen on treating plant pots as an integral part of my home decor. Of course, with me being … Read more

Modesto’s Mad Monk Vintage: A CD and DVD collector’s slice of paradise

Mad Monk storefront

As the rain hammered down this past gray February weekend, I made my quarterly pilgrimage to Modesto for a much-needed thrifting trip out of town. I didn’t find much at Goodwill, but I had a blast yet again perusing the endless aisles at the Mad Monk.  I first came across Mad Monk when I lived … Read more

Decluttering a (mostly) thrifted wardrobe

Foliage speckled maxi dress

It’s that time of year again, when I experience cabin fever from endless rainy days spent inside and begin decluttering with reckless abandon. I’m too attached to my trinkets and tchotchkes to part ways with them right now, but my clothes have been fair game for purging these past few weeks.  Lately, I’ve become fond … Read more