Shopping Dollar Tree’s hanging planter accessories!

It’s that odd bit of winter where it’s freezing cold outside, but it somehow feels like spring because the sun is out. Around this time of year, I often find myself wandering around Dollar Tree to pick up spring gardening tools because I finally feel in the mood to grow new things as I break free from my SAD-induced slump. 

The other day, I went to the dollar store to pick up hanging baskets for my trailing plants. In addition to fairy accessories and other charming garden decor, Dollar Tree also carries a bevy of affordable gardening supplies such as planters, hooks, and seeds. Your quality may vary ā€” my plastic bell cloche dented pretty quickly but has still survived thus far. That said, their plastic planters are actually pretty durable, although you’re probably going to have to sift through some highlighter colors and uninspired neutrals.

Hanging baskets hanging from a lamp stand
Please ignore my yellowing leaves.

In an attempt to minimize hoarding unnecessary items, I only bought two hanging planter pieces: the Gardening Collection 20.5-inch Planter Pot Chain Hangers and the Gardening Collection 10-inch Hanging Wire Basket. My local store also had the Standard Colored Hanging Planters, but I didn’t really care for the colors so I glossed right over them. (Still could be perfect for someone else, though.) My impression of the two pieces that I got so far is that they’re pretty good if you’re looking for budget-friendly metal planter hangers! I have a broken lamp stand that I’ve upcycled as a plant hanger, and I’ve managed to secure the hooks to a lightbulb base and a notch in the lamp without an S-hook or plant bracket. No dirty spillage yet ā€” fingers crossed. 

Pothos in container supported by hanging wires
Gardening Collection 20.5-inch Planter Pot Chain Hangers

With the Planter Pot Chain Hangers, I did have to create holes in an old plastic broccoli cheddar soup container to secure the hooks. So keep in mind that if you don’t have clips or holes on top of your planter, you’ll have to get creative. I ended up making three equally spaced holes at the top of a container with a hot glue gun. It’s been sturdy enough to stabilize a four-inch marble queen pothos, but I’m not sure if it would be able to handle a bigger planter.

Monstera adansonii in hanging basket
Gardening Collection 10-inch Hanging Wire Basket

Of the two pieces I picked up, the Hanging Wire Basket will be a repeat for me if I end up hanging more plants. The metal isn’t very thick, but it’s been able to handle my monstera adansonii in a six-inch plastic Target planter. You could even layer it with a coco coir liner and put in flowers or succulents to display on your porch but works perfectly for my indoor display!

Other things to add to cart:

My overarching philosophy with Dollar Tree is don’t knock it until you try it…or at least see how the available gardening tools compare to the goods at your local big box store or nursery. You never know what you’ll find, and a bit of creativity can turn an item from merely functional to functional and aesthetically pleasing!

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