Buying plate hanging and framing tools from JoAnn Fabrics for thrifted finds

Every so often, my thrifted finds need something extra to be displayed properly. Specifically, I’ve been in need of plate hangers and a frame for a while. But my workload has been ramping up this month, so I haven’t felt motivated enough to dig through thrift store craft bins for these very particular supplies, despite my loose New Year’s resolution to buy more craft supplies secondhand

I decided to make an exception for tools that require specific measurements — they’re a bit trickier to find than stickers or notebooks. I needed to find plate hangers that would fit 8- to 9-inch plates and an 11 x 14-inch canvas painting, and the quickest way to find both of those things was to set up some pickup orders from my local JoAnn Fabrics craft store. (Not sponsored content, by the way.)

Were they a bit more expensive than my actual thrifted items? Yeah, but totally worth it!

Dog photo

Setting up an order pickup from JoAnn Fabrics

As much as I love to get in my daily steps at JoAnn, sometimes I don’t have the energy or time to wander around the store. Thankfully, setting up a pickup order is pretty easy. You can do it from your JoAnn mobile app or a computer (you can set an alternate pickup person for the latter) and pay ahead of time with Paypal, Apple Pay, or a credit card after adding items to your online cart. 

The convenient thing about setting a pickup order is that you have 5 days to go pick up your items. In case you don’t have time to grab your stuff right away, you can at least have your order fulfilled before an item goes out of stock. Somehow, stuff at my local JoAnn’s always goes out of stock — crafters don’t play around!

When you get to the store, you can opt for curbside delivery or go to the cash register. I always opt for the second option, and all I have to do is give the store employee my name, order number, and ID. They just hand the stuff off to you, and you’re good to go! 

How to save money and get deals on JoAnn Fabrics pickup orders

20 percent pickup discount

Whether you set up pickup on your phone or computer, I recommend checking for applicable coupons, including both online codes and savings from physical mailers. I set two pickup orders, using a 20% off coupon for the plate hangers.

After each pickup, I even received a $5 off $10 coupon — a pro-tip for anyone who wants to get savings at JoAnn.


Some caveats: You have to use the $5 coupon the day of at the store, and you can only use them on regular-priced and sale items, so no clearance or doorbusters. You should receive an email for the coupon a few minutes after you pick up your order.

My JoAnn Fabrics haul review

Tripar brass plate hangers ($3.39 each with a 20% off coupon code)

Tripar plate hanger

The Tripar brass plate hangers were a bit pricey, but totally worth it. I wanted to display a few plates for my dog gallery wall and bathroom reno, and JoAnn’s had a few hangers in stock. I bought my last hanger from Amazon, but it wasn’t quite as nice as these. The hangers even came with protective vinyl tips to prevent unwanted scratches, and I liked that each set includes a nail and hook, too. So far, so good, but I’d consider sizing up the hanger if your plates are a little thick/more elevated than usual.

(Note: I actually later found a plate hanging set at the thrift for $1, but it only fit one of my plates.)

Place & Time 11” x 14” snapshot frame in matted walnut ($8 with a 60% off doorbuster sale

Place and time walnut frame

I couldn’t quite find an in-stock float frame that I liked, so I went with this Place & Time snapshot frame instead. I wanted to frame a painting that I found at the thrift store last year — it amuses me because it looks exactly like Luna, but was painted back in the ‘90s. Anyway, the matted walnut frame works beautifully with my painting, beige stucco wall, and other brown-toned wall art pieces.

It took a while to remove the staples from the canvas, and let’s just say I’m glad I got my tetanus booster last year! After I removed the staples, I simply removed the canvas from its wooden frame, flattened it, and popped it into the Place & Time frame. While it would’ve been nice to be able to see the paint textures on the image, I don’t mind the glass too much. I’d rather not leave a large piece of glass around and injure myself. I always get coupons for JoAnn’s custom framing, so I should probably check out that service one day, haha.

Anyway, just a short blog today! Whenever I’m not at the thrift store, I’m likely at a craft store to find stuff for refurbishing and sprucing up my thrifted finds, so I thought I’d share some coupon tips and review some of my craft store finds.